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Standarized Training Options
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These standarized classes were developed with the needs of nonprofit organizations in mind.  While the general objectives and outline for each class is standard, the discussion, interaction and outcomes are customized.  
Every class provides practical information and
practice activites that can be applied, right way, on the job.
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  1. The Best Supervisor Award Goes To...
    Identify your preferred communication style and identify a system for effective delegation.
  2. Delegation Do's and Dont's
    Identify strategies for when, why, and how, to delegate.
  3. Hiring the Best
    Begin to craft interview questions for a specific job description (that you have brought to class with you).
  4. All Onboard!
    Begin to craft an outline for your Onboarding Program, including creative ideas to help employees (or clients) really learn about your organization and programs.
  5. Teamwork Matters
    Identify strategies for addressing and resolving team issues.
  6. No More Boring Meetings
    Begin to craft a standard Agenda and Meeting Minutes format for your next meeting.
  7. Communicating Across Personality Types and Generations
    Develop a strategy for bridging the communication gap with others. Identify your communication strengths and opportunities.
  8. Presentation Super Star
    Learn the best practices for compelling presentations. Practice your delivery skills and identify how and when to use visuals aids to improve your presentation.
  9. Creating Successful Training Programs (for Staff and Program Participants)
    Practice writing a learning objective and creating an activity to support it.
  10. Career Development 101
    Identify strategies for developing a career path. *This class will be equally helpful for those that know where they want to go and those that are undecided.

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